Hidlightxenonkit - Dishonest company who refused customer satisfaction

Not resolved

Beware of HIDKITXENONLIGHTS.COM when order HID lights for your vehicles.If you goggle HID lights there company will appear as the first company selling these light kits.

Their web page looks legit and the company as well, but "caveat emptor" which means buyer beware. I ordered $400.00 for (3) three sets of HID Light Kits and each light kit has a problem. I had them professionally installed in my vehicle and the kits either didn't fit my vehicle that they sold me or I needed additional products from them to make the original parts work. When I needed to return the products for either credit/exchanging they would not respond in a timely manner.

When they responded they said what they sold me was correct and they would not accept the returns or exchange any item for credit. In addition, they offered no technical support because they have no such thing in this bogus Internet company.

Please do not do business with his company or you will experience the same terrible service I received and be very disappointed.

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